So How Does This Work?

Freelance Detectives is the online portal for all the Interactive Games made by Red House Mysteries. At the moment there are three games available to choose from, but as we create more they will be added here.

How does it work?

These games are digital puzzle games, all designed to be played at your computer. We do it this way for two reasons:
1 – To keep the price down
2 – So we don’t needlessly waste paper

We have done games in the post before, and we may do again one day. At the moment we are focused on digital games.
All you need to do is pay for and download the game of your choice and get cracking!

How do I know which game I should choose?

Good question. We have three games to choose from, each should be approached from a different angle.

“The Palisade Mystery” is a short, free game that is designed to introduce people to the kind of games we do. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to solve.

“The Shadow Returns” is a puzzle based adventure game that you can download in one go and play in your own time. This is good for small groups to play together – friends, family, couples.

“The Rising Water” is a long form game that plays out over several weeks, taking the form of an ongoing murder investigation that you work on via email with a veteran PI. Due to the staggered nature, it is better played as an individual – although with a little co-ordination you could play it with some friends.

Are any of these games OK for children?

We don’t specifically make games for children. Our puzzles are challenging and involve logical thinking, research skills and basic computer literacy. However there is plenty to digest in each game and some of them would be good to play as a family group so that the kids can follow the story and the adults can solve the trickier puzzles.

“The Shadow Returns” is an adventure story that would be best suited to children. Most of the puzzles will still need an adult, but there is no inappropriate content.

“The Palisade Mystery” is a short murder investigation. It contains a description of the crime scene and photo of the body at the scene, although not in any gruesome detail. It’s probably not for young children, 12+ should be fine though.

“The Rising Water” is a murder investigation that gets quite dark in places. We recommend this one for adults only.

Ultimately this is all down to the discretion of the parent or guardian in question though – you know your own children best!

How much does it cost?

We intentionally make our games digital so that we can keep the cost down.

“The Palisade Mystery” is FREE. It is designed merely to be a taster so you know what to expect from the full games.

“The Shadow Returns” is £15. This will allow you to download the entire game and play it whenever you wish.

“The Rising Water” is £19.95. This one is slightly more as it takes place over a longer period and involves one element that arrives in the post.

What if I get stuck?

Good question! We’ve thought about this, because there’s nothing worse than starting a game and getting frustrated before it even starts to be fun.

“The Shadow Darkens” has it’s own hint page that reveals information a bit at a time so you can get help without any spoilers.

“The Rising Water” doesn’t require a hint page – you have your very own PI just an email away! If you get stuck, as him for help.

“The Palisade Mystery” doesn’t have a hint page, but it is a short, simple game that shouldn’t provide too many problems.

If you ever get stuck in a way that requires more personal assistance, then contact the team at Red House Mysteries for help. You may not get an immediate response, but you can ask them anything!