The Curse of Amenhotep

A seemingly supernatural murder has taken place among the museum exhibits…

You and your team have been drafted in to get to the bottom of it. The Curse of Amenhotep is two hour interactive mystery experience run in association with Torquay Museum. Using your skills of investigation, observation and deduction, you’ll need to scour the eerie corners of the museum after hours to solve the crime. This all takes place against the dramatic backdrop of the museum’s galleries – full of a fascinating assortment of Ancient Egyptian artefacts, including a human mummy, Agatha Christie manuscripts, sabre-toothed tiger skulls, and much more. At the end of the evening the teams will come together to see who has managed to solve the mystery of the missing Stone of Amenhotep and discover the identity of the murderer.

Each event can support a maximum of 35 people, split into 5 teams of up to 7. At the moment we are unable to combine smaller teams, as a result we are enforcing a minimum team size of 4 people for all future events.

Due to Covid-19 we are also enforcing mandatory face masks during the game, as well as providing regular hand cleaning stations throughout and working with the museum to ensure the environment is thoroughly cleaned before every game.

All Dates for 2020 are now over. We will be back with more dates in 2021!