The Rising Water

There’s been a murder down by the harbour. Nasty business. I need someone reliable to do research whilst I get out and do the leg work. I heard you might be the right person for the job?”

The Rising Water is played out almost entirely via email communication with a veteran PI (one final element will arrive in the post toward the end of the game). This game is narrative crime solving game full of our signature blend of puzzles and noir storytelling. Players will strike up a working relationship with Detective John Blake, who will supply them with police files and crucial evidence for them to do further online research into, uncovering the dramatic truth behind the unsolved case piece by piece. Throughout the game Blake is on hand to help move things forward and give advice when players get stuck, but the game is played out at whatever pace you choose.

“Superb, something completely different and very engaging… it made me anxious to come home and see if I had received any more information each day”

“Very creative, beautifully crafted and great fun!”
The Rising Water Playing

The Rising Water is £19.95

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